What We Do

Hydraulic Power Inc. is a National leading platinum distribution and repair facility for Enerpac, SPX Flow, Orbit and many other industry leading hydraulic lines.

On-site Calibrations and Repairs


Stay Precise and Safe with our calibration and repair services. Trust us for reliable results everytime. 


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Hydraulic Sales + Service


Our sales team and technicians are field trained to support our Service and Warranty Center agreements with these industry leading vendors.


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Heavy Lifting


We have many decades of precision Heavy Lifting knowledge and experience with the challenges that arise in this industry. Starting in 1982, we developed our first 4-Point Synchronous Hydraulic 400 Ton lift system challenge for Ontario Hydro.


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Wind, Oil and Nuclear Energy


Wind, Oil, Gas, and Nuclear industries are industries that absolutely rely on quality tools and expert tool knowledge.  We supply the Industries leading torque wrenches, tensioners, hydraulic pumps and specialty flange tools as well as many other specialty tools required to service these industries.


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Arrange a consultation with one of our factory trained hydraulic specialists for any service, repair or installation needs.